Temple Students Rally against Budget Cuts

1 Apr


Yesterday while I was sitting in the Anderson computer lab there was a sudden interruption.  Fellow students were shouting and chanting about possible budget cuts to the Commonwealth appropriation for Temple, demanding that tuition rates stay low.  It is scary to think that the budget could be cut by nearly 50 percent.

To help Temple keep tuition rates low join TALON, a Temple community organization that supports the university through advocacy and action.


To see a video of yesterday’s rally click the link below…

TSG rally.

❤ Chelsea


Take Back the Night!

31 Mar

Take Back the Night is a nationally recognized event that promotes awareness about sexual violence toward women and is held in hundreds of different locations each year.  I have planned a Take Back the Night at Temple to break the silence about sexual violence against women.

❤ Chelsea


21 Mar

When I am not in class or doing homework or giving tours I am a nanny.  Being a nanny can be exhausting and messy, but it definitely has it’s advantages.

1) Babies are cute.

2) Babies take naps!

3) Babies are FUNNY. Really really funny.

In case you think babies are gross and not funny, here are a few videos that will certainly change your mind…


The first video is my favorite baby video ever, but lets face it, they’re all good!

❤ Chelsea

CERT Celebrates Peace

4 Mar

Temple’s CERT program, Conflict Education Resource Team, is hosting a coffee house night featuring Expressions of Peace on Wednesday, March 23rd at 8:30pm in the Student Activity Center.  The event will include performances by Temple students & friends that express what peace means to them and the importance it has in all of our lives.

We could all use a little peace in our lives!

❤ Chelsea

Vagina Monologues at Temple!

17 Feb

This Friday the HEART (Health Empowerment Awareness Resource Team) at Temple will be putting on their annual production of the HILARIOUS Vagina Monologues!  The Vagina Monologues is an eposidic play written by Eve Ensler and was originally performed in an Off Broadway theater in 1996.  Since then there have been several adaptations of the play given across the country each performed by a different cast.  Temple’s performance will consist of Temple students who auditioned for different roles within the show.  Although the show is absolutely hilarious when dealing with topics such as sex, love, and orgasm it also provides a wonderful forum to discuss much more serious topics such as rape, violence against women, and AIDS.  The show is a great combination of laughs and tears (mostly laughs!) that I think ANY woman could enjoy.  I saw the Temple performance of the Vagina Monologues at Temple in 2008 and cannot wait to see what the ladies of the cast will bring to the stage this year!  Look back in a few days for photos!

Study Abroad

16 Feb

Last year at this time I was not on American soil, I was living in Oviedo, Spain with a new family and new surroundings.  Looking back on it now, I cannot believe it has been a year since I moved in with my host mom, Esther, into her small apartment in the lower section of the city.  After class I would spend my days exploring the beautiful mountainsides around Oviedo and enjoying pastries at the BEST pastry shops in the entire world.  This year things are a little different.  I am a senior, living in an American city, no Spanish pastries, and certainly no mountainside hiking.  Although I am still taking one last Spanish course before I graduate in May I definitely miss speaking Spanish all day in Oviedo.  I miss seeing all the little kids run around in their totally un-American clothing and spending afternoons in the SUNNY park.  Not at all like the parks here in Philly lately…full of snow! 

Here are a few photos from February 2010 in Oviedo.  For more info about studying abroad at Temple visit www.temple.edu/studyabroad.

❤ Chelsea

Sick of MTV reruns already??

3 Jan

I am so sick and tired of watching “16 and Pregnant” reruns on MTV that I have hit my bookcase (even though I SWORE I would never read again after finals!).  These are a few of my favorite books that I could read over and over and a few that I just finished recently that I absolutely LOVED.  If winter break has you bored out of your mind, go to the library and get a few of these!

Makes you want to travel…


You can’t put it down…


My favorite book of all time…




A guilty pleasure…


Dark yet inspiring…


❤ Chelsea